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  The building refers to mediterranean rustic style that evokes the harmony of  Puerto Morelos . 

    The building is designed in stucco , palm and zapote wood, all regional materials.

In site you will see:

  • A beautiful garden with fuit trees.

  • A wonderful an cozy lobby area.

  • Iguanas and bird watching.

  • Awesome jungle and sea sight from the terrance.

  • Washing point for sand removal.

  • Close access to the beach.

  • Daily wake up with tropical birds sing.

   History  of  Balancá Studios

     Balancá  means in maya  9 bright stars.  Our  logo is a maya iguana (typical specie of that region ) it is sacred considered in mayan culture , In the original logo the iguana observe the 9 bright stars. Later  just the alone iguana has set as Balancá symbol.




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