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What is around Balanca Studios ?


In addition to the landscapes of the reef barrier you will find locations less than two nautical miles from the coast. The favorite is usually the sunken gunboat C-56 Juan Escutia where sponges and corals among other marine creatures have made their home.

The Manglar

Walking from Balancá you will only have to stop for a moment next to the mangrove to see typical species of the region including iguanas, crocodiles, mangrove fish, beautiful birds and observe the incredible mangrove trees as part of the jungle of the Caribbean at night close your eyes next to the mangrove and listen to the hundreds of animal species that live there. You will very likely see dozens of bats eating almonds from the trees in the evening.


Walk through the streets of Puerto Morelos while discovering cafes, shops, bars and restaurants, visit also the iconic port lighthouse, this has survived several hurricanes, then we recommend the boardwalk where there is an exceptional view of the sea. In the main square you can hire a bike tour through the town. recommended

Jungle tours

10 minutes from Balancá, walk to the main square of Puerto Morelos, here in the tourist stands you can take a tour either by motorbike, mountain bike or horse to get into the jungle that is an adventure, this unforgettable experience will put you in touch with nature while discovering cenotes, fauna, flora and archaeological ruins.


From Balancá Studios, just a few steps away, there is access to a beautiful beach of crystalline waves and clear sand, characterized by its gentle waves. It is excellent for those who are looking for an area to have relaxation and rest.

Arrecife National Park Puerto Morelos

From Balancá by boat, the internationally known "Great Mayan Reef" is 10 minutes away by boat. It is part of the largest reef barrier in the world, it is located in front of Puerto Morelos, it extends north of Isla Mujeres, Punta Cancun and Punta Nizuc You can take a boat tour and observe the landscape that is also an educational excursion on nature, living and enjoying, at the same time, marine life on the impressive coral reef, practicing snorkeling or diving.

Main Plaza

From Balancá, 15 minutes on foot, you will find the main square of Puerto Morelos. Strolling in the afternoon through this square is a very pleasant experience, surrounded by cafes, restaurants, shops and family coexistence as well as being framed by the Catholic Parish of San José, small church surrounded by gardens that you will surely like to visit. Depending on the day you can find musicians here setting the evening or some other artistic expression.

Botanic Garden

From Balancá to 20 min by car. With 65 hectares of natural vegetation, Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marín botanical garden is considered one of the largest in the country being a place that maintains the conservation of native plants as the medium forest where some of its trees drop their foliage and the mangrove. Wild animals like the spider monkeys also take refuge here. Make your tour in this garden that is located at the return of Puerto Morelos on Highway 307 at Km 38.

Unico Bar

From Balancá on foot it is located a block away from the beach and street. A bar where you can meet people and drink the most exotic cocktails and drinks, highly recommended.


10 minutes by car from Balancá is this zoo where you can interact with the animals of the jungle that live in the region. Here they conserve and care for the species and give the opportunity to be very close to crocodiles, exotic birds, spider monkeys, deer and more in a one hour tour with the instruction of a certified guide which is a fantastic experience.

Tours to Cenotes route

From Balancá, start at 20 min by car La Ruta de los Cenotes, this is in the jungle west of the Puerto Morelos road, you can visit and bathe in these natural pools that feed on underground rivers and enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds these places that were very special for the Mayans. The main cenotes are: Chak Balam, Las Mojarras, Boca del Puma, Siete Bocas and the Cenote Verde Lucero and on this route you can find an ecological park.

Hand craft market

From Balancá is 20 minutes on foot, the handicraft market is famous for its incredible variety of pieces made by inhabitants of the region, hammocks, guayaberas, seashells, wines and regional liquors are some items that you can carry for gift or decoration of your home.

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